Trash & Recycling issues causing the State of CT to raise dumping prices

In regards to the price increase letter that you received with the April 2019 invoice, here are the local newspaper articles we said we would provide that have been published explaining the issues the State of Connecticut is having with disposing the Trash and Recycling.


We have downloaded a copy of each article that has been published thus far as a PDF without all the advertisements mixed in for easier reading. If you prefer to go directly to the source of each letter, we have added the direct link at the top of each article so you can easily copy and paste it in your search engine.

Article 12.18.18 – Mira Issues

Article 01.10.19 – MIRA Issues

Article 01.12.19 – Mira Issues

Article 03.09.19 – Recycling Issues across the Country

Article 03.05.19 – Old Saybrook MIRA Issues