What are your holidays – days when you do not pick up?

During a holiday week, your normal COLLECTION day will be DELAYED ONE DAY,  if your collection day falls on or follows these holidays; New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas DayIf the holiday FALLS on a SATURDAY or SUNDAY the schedule WILL NOT CHANGE.

What happens when trash pick-up is cancelled due to severe weather or my pick-up day falls on a holiday?

If we cannot pick up on your scheduled day for any reason, Sweitzer will make all pick-ups for that day and the remainder of the week one day later than normally scheduled (using Saturday for Friday pick-ups). NOTE: We have three options to receive information on holiday or storm delays:

  • Click on our NEWS tab.
  • Follow us on Facebook.
  • Plus we also change our automated phone message.

When is my recycling pick-up day?

If you are a curbside residential pick-up customer your recycling is picked up every other week. In that case you have been designated an A or B week customer. There are 2 ways to find out which week you are:

If you have an invoice you can see on it whether you are designated A or B for recycling.

You can call our office during office hours and we will be happy to tell you.

Once you know whether you are A or B you can look at our 2022 Recycling Pick Up Calendar.

What time should I put my garbage and recycling out?

We recommend that you put your garbage out the night before your pick-up day. Some of our residential pick-ups start early in the morning. We also can potentially change your pick-up time as routes are adjusted from time to time.

Can I pay my bill online?

You can click here to be directly linked to our My Account tab, that is also located on the top of the Home page. For your convienence we accept Visa, Master Card, Discover & American Express.