Thinking about Hiring a Waste Service? Ask these Questions First

Whether you’ve just moved to town or want to change companies, it’s important to do your homework when hiring a waste service. You want to find a quality service that is on time and gets the job done efficiently. Whether you’re looking for residential waste pick-up, dumpster service, recycling, or yard waste, ask these questions before choosing a company.


What Types of Services do You Provide?

Some companies strictly deal with residential waste pick-up while others deal with commercial waste and specialized services too. If you just need a residential garbage pickup there won’t be much to worry about. But, if you have a construction project planned you want to be sure to choose a company that can offer you a dumpster for all of the debris. That type of waste cannot be handled by everyday waste pick-up.  

What is Your Pricing Policy?

In today’s economy, many people want to know how much things are going to cost them before making any decisions. Ask the waste service company you’re considering about their pricing policy. Are payments made monthly? What does each payment include? These are things you want to be clear about before making your decision.

If you’re looking for a dumpster, you want to ask about the weight limits and extra charges if you exceed them. Be sure the company gives you detailing prices so that there are no surprises or extra charges you were not aware of.


What Other Policies Should I be Aware Of?

Besides pricing, you want to know about any other policies the company abides by. You want to know about any upfront costs as well as any cancellation fees. Having everything in writing and reading the fine print is important so that you don’t get stuck with extra bills or penalties. 

What Areas do You Service?

Every waste service company has a geographic area they specifically cover. Be sure to ask if your home or business is in that area. If you’re not in their service area, you’ll likely have to find someone else. Some companies may still pick up your garbage if you’re not in the service area, but they will charge you extra. You need to decide if that’s worth it or if you should just find someone else.

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Do You Offer Specialized Services?

While you want your waste company to pick up your everyday garbage, you also want to inquire about specialized services. This can be anything from bulk pick-up to recycling. If your company does provide specialized services be sure to ask about the schedule so that you have everything ready to go on the right days.

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