Spring Cleaning Tips

spring cleaning

As the weather gets nicer and the days get longer, it can only mean one thing. Spring is upon us! While you’re getting out to enjoy the warmer weather, don’t forget to do some spring cleaning. 

It’s a great time of year to go through the basement, garage, and closets to see what you have and what you may want to get rid of. You also want to tackle some areas you may have been neglecting through the year.

Since spring cleaning can be a daunting task, we have some tips to make it easier for you.

Clean Room by Room

Tackling the entire inside and outside of your home can be overwhelming. But, if you go room by room, you can get things done and feel like you’re actually accomplishing something. Go through cabinets and drawers. Make a pile of things to keep, things to throw away, and things you want to donate or try to sell. 

spring cleaning

Once you have the pile of things you’re going to keep, organize them so that they’re easy to find and are not cluttered. The secret is to try to keep things looking at least semi-organized throughout the year.

When it comes to surface cleaning, make a checklist of areas you want to tackle. This will help you organize and will make you feel good when you can check items off your list.

Work from Top to Bottom


If you’ve noticed some cobwebs on your ceilings or near your light fixtures, you’ll want to make that your starting point. This will force all of the dust and dirt down first so that when you go to clean other surfaces, you’re only cleaning once. If you clean the lower surfaces first and then tackle the taller ones, you’re creating double work for yourself.

Replace Furnace and HVAC Filters

Just because you can’t see them every day doesn’t mean you should ignore your furnace and HVAC filters. Changing these filters will result in cleaner air throughout your house for the spring. During the winter, air conditioner ducts can build up dust and send unwanted particles into your home. Replacing the filters can prevent this from happening.

Clean Out Your Appliances

While you may be busy cleaning the surfaces around your house, don’t forget about the inside of your appliances. You want to clean the inside of your oven, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Read the maintenance guides to be sure you are using the right cleaners. 

Many ovens have a self-cleaning option. For dishwashers, take advantage of dishwasher cleaners that are on the market. The same goes for washing machines. 

Don’t Forget the Seasonal Chores

cleaning windows

As long as the weather cooperates, you’ll want to tackle chores like cleaning the grill, windows, and patio furniture. These are all things that couldn’t get done in the winter, so be sure to get them done now. This will pave the way for a fun summer once things really heat up. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy some spring weather while you’re outside cleaning.

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