Holiday Recycling Tips

Did you know that between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, the amount of household waste increases by 25 percent? Think about how many things you’re throwing out this time of year. Wrapping paper, boxes, tinsel…the list goes on and on. It’s no wonder that there’s more waste!

But, not everything should be thrown in the trash can and forgotten. Many items can and should be recycled. Here are some holiday recycling tips to make things a little easier for everyone this time of year.

Have a Recycling Bin/Area During Gatherings

It’s tempting for people to throw away water bottles or soda cans in the trash if you don’t have a separate area for them to put recyclables. No matter the number of people you’re having over, designate an area for recyclables. This way, everything will be separated which will make it easier when you’re putting them outside. Plus, you’re minimizing the amount of trash you’re throwing away.

Rinse Your Recyclables

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Any empty jars or containers that had food in them should be rinsed before going into the recycling bin. It will make for a cleaner and less smelly recycling bin. 

Break Down Gift Boxes


Breaking down cardboard boxes for recycling is a good way to reduce the amount of garbage in your bin. It only takes a few minutes but cuts down on the amount of waste. You’ll be surprised at how much space you can save when you do this.

Save Gift Bags & Choose Simple Paper

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Gift bags can be saved and reused for next year. Any glitter wrapping paper usually isn’t recyclable. So keep that in mind when you’re choosing wrapping paper this holiday season and throwing it out. If possible, use paper that is made with recycled materials. This will make it easier to be recycled when you’re done.

Recycle Old Gadgets in the Right Place

If you’ve received a new TV or gadget for the holidays, you may be tempted to just put your old one out on the curb. That’s a big no-no! Instead, look for places in your town where these types of items can be recycled. Many communities have designated spots where TVs, electronics, and other items can be dropped off. If not, you can always look for charitable organizations that could use the items as long as they are still working.

Look for Sustainable Products

Many companies have become more eco-friendly and used recycled materials in their products. Look for these types of items when shopping for gifts and items for your home this holiday season.

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