Fall Cleanup Checklist

fall cleanup checklist

As the summer winds down and the fall season starts knocking on our doors, that means it’s time to get the outside of your home in tip-top shape. Many people don’t realize that several things need to be done to get your home ready for autumn.

If you’re not sure what you should be focusing on, we have a fall cleanup checklist to help you get started.

Clean out any flowerbeds

Did you know that flower beds that have been invaded by weeds and fallen leaves are the perfect spot for little critters to settle when the seasons change? Be sure to clean any weeds and fallen leaves. 

Trim tree branches

Look around your house for any tree branches that are low and may cause problems during the winter. The weight of snow and ice can bring branches down and cause problems. Pruning and trimming tree branches now can prevent problems in the coming months.

Drain water

Check your hoses, fountains, and any other water sources. You want to drain everything. Any standing water can freeze as it gets colder and will cause problems.

Rake leaves

fall cleanup checklist

If you have a large number of leaves all over the grass, you’ll want to rake them up. Leaves can suffocate the grass.

Mow the grass one more time

Set your mower to a low setting and cut your grass one more time. This can help the soil to dry quicker when spring comes back around. This can lead to a fuller lawn.

Powerwash your deck

You’ll want to power wash your deck to prevent any mold or mildew from setting in. Once it dries, use a weatherproofing stain to protect the wood from harsh winter conditions.

Clean the gutters

fall cleanup checklist

You should clean your gutters twice a year to ensure proper drainage from your home and its foundation. You’ll likely need a tall ladder to reach them all. Always take the proper precautions when climbing a ladder and cleaning the gutters. Keep one hand on the ladder as you reach to clean the gutters with the other.

Protect cold-sensitive plants

Shrubs, roses, and any sensitive perennials should be protected before the cold months set it. Add mulch to the base and wrap plants in cloth to prevent damage when there’s a freeze.

Feed your lawn

fall cleanup checklist

Give your lawn the nutrients it needs to survive the fall and winter. Use a fall lawn fertilizer with high phosphorus content to help the roots grow. The result will be a lush, green lawn that will have curb appeal, and maybe a little envy come spring!

Clear out the vegetable garden

If you have a vegetable garden, pull out any old plants, and remove debris. If you can compost now, it will give your soil the nutrients it needs for a plentiful spring.

Contact Us for Waste Removal

If your fall cleanup involves any heavy brush cleaning and you find yourself in the need of a dumper or other waste removal, contact Sweitzer Waste Removal. We serve both residential and commercial customers. You can reach us at 203-245-8840 or 860-669-5506. We look forward to hearing from you.