5 Recycling Tips to Follow


We all know how important recycling is for the environment. It helps to reduce waste and reuse certain materials. While you may have the bin in front of your home and are diligent about recycling, there may be some things you’re missing.  

Check out these 5 recycling tips to make the process more efficient and easier for everyone.

1. Recycle the Right Products

Some people may load their recycling bins with a variety of different products thinking that they’re being environmentally conscious. But, they may actually be doing more harm than good if they’re putting the wrong things in there.

You should always recycle these items:


  • Plastic bottles or containers
  • Metals such as steel, tin, and aluminum
  • Paper and cardboard (food boxes, newspapers, magazines, phone books, mail)
  • Glass jars and bottles

Don’t put these items in your recycling bin:

  • Plastic grocery bags
  • Plastic utensils
  • Sharp or broken glass
  • Foam take-out containers
  • Greasy pizza boxes

plastic bag

Many people think that they’re doing a good deed by putting plastic grocery bags in the recycling bin. The truth is they can get stuck in the sorting machine at the recycling facility. 

Try to avoid styrofoam at all costs. It takes more than 500 years to break down which is obviously not good for the environment.

When it comes to pizza boxes, the oil and cheese contaminate the cardboard, making it more difficult to recycle.

2. Make Sure Your Items are Clean and Dry


If you throw dirty recyclables into your bin, there’s a greater chance of them smelling and attracting animals. Also, they can grow mold. If they do, this can impact the recycling process.

3. Don’t Toss Tiny Plastic Caps

If you have loose plastic caps to soda bottles or other types of bottles, don’t just throw them into the recycling bin. They can fall through the cracks of the recycling machine and get stuck. It’s best to secure them back on to the bottle they came from. This will ensure they get recycled properly and don’t cause any problems in the process.

4. Remove Plastic on Cardboard


When it comes to recycling cardboard, always break down boxes. Also, look to see that any plastic is removed. While tape is generally okay, any other plastics are frowned upon by the cardboard recycling processors. Try your best to take any plastics off before putting the cardboard in the recycling bin.

5. Don’t Put Electronics or Batteries in Your Recycling Bin

Putting electronics or batteries in your regular recycling bin isn’t helping the process. These types of items need to be taken to facilities that specialize in recycling those items. You can check with your local municipality. Many have specific sites that take these items. Also, many battery stores will take your batteries and recycle them.

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