Why You Should Rent a Dumpster for Your Fall Clean-Up

rent a dumpster

Fall is here which means many people are probably gearing up for a big fall clean-up. Whether you’re dealing with a landscaping clean-up, decluttering project, remodeling project, or all of the above, chances are you’re going to end up with more waste than can be disposed of in your regular trash pick-up. This is why many people opt to rent a dumpster. 

Sweitzer Waste Removal offers a variety of dumpster size options to suit your needs. We’re going to tell you more about that as well as the benefits of renting a dumpster for your fall clean-up.

Benefits of Renting a Dumpster for Fall Clean-Up Projects

There are many benefits to renting a dumpster for fall clean-up. Whether you need it for landscaping or decluttering, you’ll be glad you decided to rent a dumpster from Sweitzer Waste Removal.

Landscaping Clean-Up 

As the fall season begins, many homeowners are ready to get started on cleaning their yards. This means lots of leaves, tree branches, and other debris. A dumpster is a great idea to get all of that waste out of your yard easily and safely. If you have a large amount of yard waste, chances are it won’t be accepted in your regular trash pickup.

You don’t have to rent an exceptionally large dumpster. You can opt for one of the smaller sizes that will still get the job done.

Decluttering & House Clean-Up

Besides cleaning your yard, many people take to decluttering in the fall season. If you have old furniture, toys, housewares, or any other junk you don’t want, a dumpster is an easy place to get rid of it all. You don’t have to worry about lugging it somewhere to get rid of it. Just throw it right in the dumpster that will be conveniently located on your property.

Remodeling or DIY Project Waste

If you’re doing some remodeling or taking on a DIY project ahead of the holidays, you’ll need a dumpster to put all of the waste. A dumpster is the easiest and most efficient way to safely get rid of it all.

Dumpster Rental at Sweitzer Waste Removal

When you decide to rent a dumpster from Sweitzer Waste Removal, you will have many different size options to choose from. 

Sweitzer Waste Removal offers the following dumpster sizes:

  • 10 Yards (2-ton limit)
  • 12 Yards (2.5-ton limit)
  • 15 Yards (3-ton limit)
  • 20 Yards (4-ton limit)
  • 30 Yards (5-ton limit)

If you’re not sure what size dumpster would best suit your project, just ask one of our friendly staff members who will be happy to help you find the right one.

Call Sweitzer Waste Removal for Your Dumpster Rental Service

If you’re planning on renting a dumpster for your upcoming fall clean-up, decluttering, or remodeling project, call Sweitzer Waste Removal. We have a large inventory of dumpsters to suit your needs. Let us schedule a convenient drop-off and pick-up time so you can get the job done. Call us today at 203-245-8840 or send us a message online for more information.